What to Look For in a Tree Service Company

A healthy tree adds to the beauty of a property and is also a key habitat for animals, birds and insects. It also serves as a valuable source of shade, air pollution control and insulation. It helps protect homes and other structures from the harsh elements and can even increase property values.

Whether you are in need of tree removal, pruning or fertilization services for your residential or commercial property in Asheville, NC, it is important to hire a professional with the right certifications and expertise to perform the job. It is also vital to ask for a certificate of insurance from the company you choose.

Certified arborists can help maintain the health of your trees by providing regular care and inspections. They are trained to remove infected or diseased trees and apply pesticides if necessary. They may also plant and transplant new trees to enhance your landscape.

In addition, arborists can help you identify and treat pest problems such as Emerald Ash Borers, cankerworms, ants and termites that could be damaging your trees or posing a risk to your property. They can also help prevent tree diseases such as Dutch Elm Disease or the fungus Phytophthora ramosis.

A good tree service company will be knowledgeable about the regulations and recommendations in Asheville when it comes to planting new trees, removing old trees and pruning. They should know what types of diseases to look out for, what kinds of trees are best in the area and whether or not it is OK to trim a tree near a power line.

Local companies will usually provide free estimates and quotes, but it is always a good idea to get several. This will help you compare prices and determine if the project is within your budget.

The cost of tree removal can vary dramatically based on the size and type of tree. A large tree in your backyard, for example, will probably cost more than a small one in your front yard. ThisĀ tree service asheville is because the size and height of a tree, along with its location, are significant factors to consider when getting an estimate.

It is also a good idea to check with your utility provider to ensure that trees are not near any lines and are not causing any damage to them. This can reduce the risk of a break in the line, and can save you money in the long run!

Another good way to find a qualified arborist in Asheville is to search online. Many websites offer reviews and ratings of tree pros, so you can see if they have the qualifications you need for your project.

You can also ask friends and family for referrals when you are in the market for a tree removal contractor. They might know of a company that has done a great job and is worth hiring.

It is also a good idea to use a tree service that has a great reputation and is locally owned and operated. This will give you confidence that the company you choose will be around for the long haul.