Find the Best Piano Moving Services

It takes a lot of strength, experience and special equipment to move a piano. If you try to do it yourself, you risk injury to you and anyone helping you, as well as irreparable damage to the instrument. Instead, hire professional movers to handle the move for you. They have the expertise and tools to get the job done right. They also understand how a piano functions, which helps them make the best decisions for its safe relocation.

It is important to ask the movers you are considering about their qualifications. You want to know if they have a proven track record of successfully relocating pianos. You should also ask them about their insurance policy, which should include general liability (GL), cargo and bailee property coverage. It is a red flag if a company can’t easily provide proof of their insurance or explain what type of coverage they have.

The most reputable movers will have the proper equipment for moving pianos. They will also have a plan in place for each type of piano, whether it’s an upright, baby grand or studio grand. They will inspect the piano to assess its pre-move condition, and then determine how to take it out of your home and into their truck. They will cover the piano with pads and wrap it in protective blankets to prevent damage. They will also remove the legs and pedal extensions, if necessary, to reduce their overall weight.

Pianos are so complex to move that many movers specialize in moving them. These companies are known as piano moving services fort lauderdale and typically charge more than regular movers. They are trained to protect each piano during the moving process, and they have the resources to do it efficiently. You can find a piano moving service in your area by using Shiply’s free shipping marketplace. You can then compare quotes from different providers and read customer reviews to select the best one for you.

Another way to find a quality piano moving service is to ask friends and family members for recommendations. You should also check online reviews and the movers’ U.S. Department of Transportation number to make sure they are legitimate and have no complaints against them.

You should also look for a piano moving company that offers supplementary services, like packing and storage. Allied is one of the few companies that provides full-service packing for pianos, as well as a virtual survey of your home to help estimate the cost of your move. It also offers flexible add-on options for items like antiques and fragile goods. You can even track your shipment through its website. Allied also offers storage-in-transit and container storage at their facilities in your new city. You can book this service through its website, as well as all of its other moving and storage offerings.